Enclosed Landscape (working Title)

From: 2016- on going
Enlosed Landscape is an urban landscape documentary project related with the unsed empty land which fenced and unseen by the locals all around Macau.

Border and Boundary: Series I (HengQin Project II)

From: 2016-2017
The project belong to part of the project to continue document HengQin. However, Border & Boundary: Series I focus on the Border between Macau and HengQin and thus try to discuss the relationship between these two cities.

Photobook: Mǎorganic

Publish Date: March, 2017
Author: Alan Ieon, Rusty Fox, Jack Wong, tkh
Design: Ho Si Man, Dialect
Publisher: Dialect
Edition: 1st edition
Printer: Welfare Printing Ltd. (Macau)
Copies: 300


From: 2016-2017
Mǎorganic is a group documentary work explore the relation between man-made and natural objects in order to understand how they change or rectify people’s perception to what nature is. The word Mǎorganic comes from Chinese word Mǎo (literally mean no or nothing) and the English word organic.

Stranger in the strange land

From: 2013-On going
A long-term street photography documentary project about photographer's hometown Macau to show the change and the system behind the economic blooming of the city.

Below Laobeishan : HengQin Project I

From: 2014-2015
A documentary project related with the economic blooming of island of HuegQin which located in south China. This work was shown in a joint exhibition under the name "Below Laobeishan" in both China and Macau.

Market at Night

From: 2013-2013
"Market at Night" is a photo series describe the night of the market area in Macau. The work was shown during the final presentation of a small workshop held in Institute for Tourism Studies, Macao

From country to country

From: 2012-On going
"From country to country" combine sets of photo series describe own travel experience around the world in which each series feature one specific country.